Not a Baker’s dozen — 13 best games of the semester

In July, according to our “Calendar of releases”, to play almost. All of the major new traditions can be expected this fall, and projects a smaller caliber will start to appear only in August. So now is the time to catch up and pass all the good that has come out over the past six months, so then do not be surprised with unfamiliar names in the vote for the year. Well, not to publish a list of all in a row, 13 games including all worthy of attention.




Person, having undergone the Super Meat Boy and wants to play in something similar, suggest really nothing. These hardcore platformers, almost nobody does, so as to achieve a perfect balance of difficulty extremely difficult. But the creators of Celeste succeeded, and in parallel, they were able to tell the unusual genre of the story.


In the role of Madeline, we go to conquer the mountain, and the journey takes the heroine for about six hours. She suffers from depression and anxiety but steadily goes to its purpose, though she tries to stop her second self. With some problems Madeline cope by myself, with some helping her greeted the traveler is to observe the development of the plot is very exciting, what a game of this kind does not wait.


In Celeste interestingly, the character acquires new skills — instead, each ability is used in a variety of unique situations. After the completion of the plot the player will have a lot of bonus levels, the complexity of which is considerably higher. Well, if in such difficult games you are not expert in the settings you can turn on easy mode and see the whole story until the end.


Monster Hunter: World


Series Monster Hunter for many it remained something strange and exotic — and understand it was difficult, outside of portable consoles for a long time she did not appear. Therefore, the World has become for beginners the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the mysterious Japanese action. And the players were so enthusiastic that, to date, sold about 8 million copies of the project.


World deserved love of the audience — to understand the mechanics, it is very difficult to break away from her. In several spacious locations found many huge and small creatures, each of which can be useful for creating weapons and armor. You hunt monsters to collect materials to enhance the equipment that you will use in the hunt for new monsters — that’s the whole gameplay.


This is more than enough because of how many monsters and how rich Arsenal of the main character, to fight with monsters not get bored. Every fight with them — an epic battle, breathtaking, and the more they win, the better to understand their weaknesses. Add to this the co-op, a decent storyline campaign and active support after release — and get a great shooter, designed for a very long time.




Simulation of survival be much longer in Early access on Steam, and Wildstar is no exception — it appeared there in late 2014. Fortunately, the final version saw the light and against the background of competitors, the game looks very advantageous. It is difficult to find significant weaknesses and shortcomings, which abound in many other representatives of the genre.


The individual elements of Subnautica reminiscent of other “vigilance” — and the food here is necessary to obtain, and thirst tormented character, and without “crafting” has not done. But its main distinctive feature is the environment is not a forest or a deserted island, and ocean planet, on which the crashed ship is the main character. Over time, better understand that you required for the existence under water, and become confident visit other biomes that look no less beautiful than the first.


In the game you want to spend a lot of time researching locations and building their own base. The process of searching for blueprints to create new items is familiar to many fans of the genre, but Wildstar wins due to its atmosphere and originality. In addition, if you do not want to take care of the hunger and thirst, can include the corresponding mode and safe to travel.


Shadow of the Colossus


A remake of Shadow of the Colossus was what we were waiting for, namely the modern version of the classic adventures with the PlayStation 2. For 13 years he has not lost his qualities and improved over the visual component has done a fantastic job.


The player will visit the most different corners of the beautiful world to defeat 16 colossi. But to explain in detail the meaning of what is happening will not be — we only know that as a young warrior we run from one monster to another for the resurrection of the dead girl. All other details are not disclosed just like that — you have to explore the location while riding on horse to the next colossus, and draw their own conclusions.


All opponents in this game — walking, flying or floating monster, impressive for its size. You learn their habits, find the weak spots, climb on them and hold tightly with your hands, until they try to shake off the hero with yourself. And how all these fights are presented and what the final journey leads, makes Shadow of the Colossus one of the best games in history.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Not so often able to play an immersive sim, which is unfolding in the territory of Bohemia, the beginning of the XV century. In this respect, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is really unique — is a role-playing game without magic, dragons and other familiar elements.


To love her is as simple as hate. When not the biggest Studio with a limited budget is taken for a large-scale project, everything is perfect can not receive. But because the release version of Kingdom Come was full of different kinds of bugs, flaws and other problems.


But for these defects he was hiding a great game, unlike anything else. The authors wanted to make it as realistic as possible, and because many local mechanics unique to the genre. The hero needs to learn to read, to gain new abilities while reading books. Sharpening weapons and repairing armor is also not so simple — it is necessary to improve the relevant skills. With the latest patches the game has become much more stable, and in the near future will be released a few DLC, so join the Kingdom Come it is never too late.


Into the Breach


In the beginning, the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light , presented a gift to fans of turn-based tactics. Into the Breach captures from the first minutes and offers so many interesting situations that leave her every time hard.


Having control over a squad capable of time travel, we are saving the world from an aggressive alien race. Sit in a combat robot, go to select on the map of the zone and try to contain the attack of the aliens for several turns. You can sacrifice health and to stand on the plates, out of which will come out enemies, you can kill everyone at the first opportunity.


In all missions there are optional objectives, all the robots can be improved, the pilots become more experienced, and in the case of failure of one of them can be moved in the following passage. Over time rasplachivayutsya new mechs with unique abilities, so the old problems are solved in very different ways. In the end, Into the Breach offers enough content to want to spend a few nights, earning achievements, and rejoicing in their victories.


A Way Out


Game Director Youssef fares (Josef Fares) loves to tell stories with not one, but two main characters. In Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons the players control both brothers with one controller, and it turned out to be much easier than you could imagine. A Way Out has also become a kind of experiment — it is impossible to pass without a companion. The second copy of the game get it free, regardless of platform.


The idea for the most part realized great. The screen is nearly always divided so that both participants could watch both of the characters. While one is watching a movie on the engine, the second can control the character and do something useful. There are episodes in which one player distracts the guards, while the teammate is doing something illegal. Guys still run from prison.


A masterpiece of level Brothers of course, did not happen. Here is quite a stupid plot, reminiscent of a parody of old crime dramas. In the dialogues often slip so clichéd phrase, that’s amazing. But it’s still a unique experience, and some scrapes, which will be the main characters, will leave only positive emotions.


God of War


As God of War was never in doubt, but to release many were skeptical. Instead of the bloody action we will get a simulation of walking with a boy? Kratos forgotten how to jump? Why is it all called God of War? As it turned out, restarting the series went exclusively to the benefit.


Now Kratos is not screaming for any reason a man and a family man, attending with his son worlds of Norse mythology. To directing, the developers approached with all responsibility — they refused to change frames, so the whole game is “shot” in one take and devoid of loading screens. In addition, it is not a linear adventure like the last part, and the action in a semi-open world with side quests, additional secrets and other surprises.


Looks like God of War awesome, sounds great too, and the fight with Leviathan (the axe, which became the main weapon of Kratos) I want each embarked on the path of the monster. Even if the game is not brought into the industry is nothing new, it’s all done at such a high level that to remember about it will be a very long time. The series needed a restart, and the last part was the best thing that could happen to her.


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Last year everyone had the opportunity to become better acquainted with a series of Yakuza — to pass the “zero” part is not needed to know the story of others. And then the fans literally throwing games about Kazuma Kiryu: first, the remake of the first part, then Yakuza 6in August will be a remake of the second, and then remaster the third, fourth and fifth games.


Sixth Yakuza became final in the history of Kiryu — after many games he finally goes to rest and gives way to the new character. Instead of “invite” as many old heroes, the developers send players into a completely new region, only occasionally allowing you to return to the familiar questions about the city. The plot is still exciting, side quests are still fun, and mini-games, as usual, tightened not for one hour.


Yakuza 6 created on a new engine, and therefore looks much better than the predecessors. It’s much smoother — now you can freely enter the building, not watching loading screens and start a fight in the street and finish it at a nearby eatery. In Yakuza Kiwami 2, also uses this engine.




More than three years ago, the makers of This War of Mine managed to get players to worry about the fate of civilians in time of war. This year they have made us the rulers of the freezing of the city where people are trying to survive the record low temperatures.


Like last game Studio 11 bit, Frostpunk offers one moral dilemma after another, forced to choose the lesser of two evils. And to make such decisions is not always easy — sometimes the consequences will in any case not in your favor. Coupled with stunning atmosphere that makes the game amazing city planning simulator.


Some players complained about a shortage of content, but the developers are actively supporting the project. Not so long ago there was a regime with even harsher weather conditions and in the foreseeable future fans Frostpunk will offer a new storyline, and an endless mode, which fans have asked for since release. This is not limited in 2019, the creators promise even more surprises.


Pillars of Eternity III: Deadfire


The second Pillars of Eternity has absorbed all the advantages of the first part, added interesting features, fixed many bugs and was almost the perfect sequel. In the continuation of the heroes go on a huge unexplored archipelago, assembling a team of experienced sailors and moving from one island to another on the ship.


Although the improvement of the vessel paid a lot of attention in the shower Deadfire the party remains a role-playing game of the old school. There is still a lot of dialogue (although this graphomania, what was in its predecessor, is still there), the hero, one after another, new partners, role-playing system allows you to customize your character at your discretion, and the diary does not cease to fill jobs.


The battle also did not disappear, and in the sequel, the fights were interesting and dynamic. And that can be said about all the components Deadfire: the interface is easier, the dialogues sounded great, increased the number of useful skills. And if you sit in front of the monitor more than a hundred hours not want to the end of the year the game will be released on consoles, including the Switch.


Yoku’s Island Express


Lately so many “metroidvania” that would not be surprised if in a year they will allocate in a separate category. Yoku”s Island Express among games of this genre is the most memorable of all — she is bright, positive, fun and original enough to stand out from the crowd.


It differs in that the main character can’t jump and move around the island using the flippers of the pinball. They come in two colors, and taps on the corresponding button the player activates them, allowing the beetle with a ball bounce or fly off to the side. And here is, the location, reminiscent of a pinball table with bumpers, glow light bulbs and other similar items.


A crazy idea implemented so well that to break away from Yoku”s Island Express impossible. You open up new areas, learn additional tricks, meet the funny island residents, fulfill their orders and find many secrets. And until everything is thoroughly examined, to part with the game do not want to.


Detroit: Become Human


His next project , David cage (David Cage) dedicated to the future. Action Detroit: Become Human takes place in the year 2038, when the androids became popular workforce. They help in farming, cleaning, tending to the children — in General, doing that in the past hired people. Now the society is suffering from mass unemployment, but it is not all the problems faced by the planet.


Only in Detroit the three main characters: the housekeeper, Cara, rebellious Marcus and detective Connor. Their fates are initially not connected, and shared between them not so much. But at some point the three stories merge together, and how it would happen — it’s just the player. This project of the French from Quantic Dream was the most variable among all that noticeable when you look at branching diagrams of each episode.


Of Course, Cage — not the most talented writer, so the story is full of rough edges, illogical moments and hackneyed cliches. But then, how many forks and how can change the main characters with your active participation, makes Detroit a good entertainment for fans of such cinematic adventures.


A few good games in the list are not included — for example, the fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ, which in our version no one really played. If we didn’t mention something important- write it in the comments and tell me what to do to fall the shaft releases.

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