God of War – the new game with the old name

God of War is one of the most famous PlayStation franchises. It is famous for violence, cruelty, epic and perfectly adjusted control. But most importantly – she’s famous protagonist, Kratos. In the “soft reboot” of 2018 has changed a lot: as we are, God of War has grown and matured. She pulled back her old habits and was not afraid to change something. But all changes do not prevent us from seeing there is the same evil spirit “God of War”. This is a new game with the old name, not only worthy of the title of the best in the series, but also the status of a direct contender for GOTY.

In his time God of War was almost the most active series of the Sony games out on any platform, and Kratos is rapidly destroyed all the Greek deities, which only you can remember. In recent years, however, he calmed down – not counting the remaster, the previous part is God of War: Ascension from far 2013. The title received mixed reviews, and it seemed another repeat slightly bored of the formula. There was a sense that we have no surprise.

Someone called God of War one escort mission. In what sense it is, just without all the negative stereotypes and clichés.
Perhaps for this reason, the new part was called the just God of War. You can feel the love the creators to their creation, but since the Ascension, much has changed. We have changed, changed gaming. Standards of graphics and narrative are higher. Fortunately, SIE Santa Monica belongs to the PlayStation, which continues to promote a single player game without any microtransactions. The PlayStation 4 is home to a large number of masterpieces, and God of War can easily be considered one of the best.

In the title role, in fact, God himself, Kratos. But that’s not the Kratos that we put on during the PlayStation 3 – he is older borodel, and moved. He lives like a simple man, with a wife and child. But then the wife dies, and he and his son, which all his life neglected, goes on a dangerous journey to the top of the mountain.

One trouble – Kratos is not welcome here. The Scandinavian lands are home to other deities, and the Pantheon of Thor, Odin and other alien quite pleased.

From the first minute we see how everything has changed. God of War looks and sounds like a game for the PlayStation 4, but if everyone was expecting a visual and aural upgrade, nobody could wait that Kratos will appear in the story, and the good. God of War is not just another gaming blockbuster with lazy dialogue and banal antagonists.

God of War is a beautiful game, never cease to amaze until the very end.
Is to pay tribute SIE Santa Monica – they were able to gently rewrite Kratos and create a game where the dialogues are almost reach the level of Naughty Dog.

Praise be and graphics: never before God of War didn’t look so good. Now the game could easily be considered one of the most beautiful in this generation. We see that everything is done in order to get the most out of console hardware, and it shows – sometimes in a bad sense, when the gameplay for a short time starts to slow down. This is the first time in my memory when that happens exclusive, although it happened a couple of times and was fixed, for the most part, the patches that come out literally every day.

Each monster has a description in the diary of Atreus. The description is from his face, and is padded after each battle. Sam Atrey writes helpful notes on tactics.
In the rest of God of War can’t be many who can resist the title of the most beautiful games of the year. Here well and parts of the world, and the facial animation (although, let’s be honest, Kratos special emotions not shown) and lighting. The sound is not worse: in the first minute of emotions has the strongest orchestral thing, and as the adventures of Kratos, the music changes with the world around them and to themselves.

Sound production is also at altitude: God of War sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster. However, we advise you to play with surround sound to a sense of three-dimensional space – because the camera is much closer to Kratos than ever before, it is particularly important to understand which side to attack enemies. In this case, the sound not only helps to quickly navigate in space, but also to find the secrets that often rings or squelching over their heads.

In God of War there are no problems with rivals – always have and they always change. Even like each other monsters require different tactics and approach.
Although the most important thing here, as always, is gameplay. Yes, a lot has changed since the time when Kratos wandered around ancient Greece, and these changes can not confuse fans. I believe that the desire to boldly reject the old formula and create something new deserves only praise. From the slasher genre here is not much, but from Bloodborne gameplay has moved a lot of items. Something – maybe the camera angles, multiple puzzles, and a continuing dialogue – is reminiscent of the series Uncharted.

The combat system in addition to how amazing you will not name. I am glad that QTE had gone to bed, and even that much is reminiscent of the Dark Souls series, which I have never particularly impressed. When playing God of War, do not cease to marvel at the smoothness of the animation and how you feel every swing of a battle axe. Yes, the iconic blades of Chaos in the past, but I, again, was glad. New weapons no changes by Kratos – he became a bit slower and has lost its acrobatically, but its power will not go away. I don’t remember the last game where I could just feel every swing of a weapon, and every death.

The axe is an absolute star. It’s a surprisingly versatile weapon: it is not only good in close combat, but also acts as a projectile, when Kratos throws it at the enemy. Charged ice element, the axe returns to our hero, immediately Recalling the famous Mjollnir. It can throw to cause damage at a distance, to freeze the enemy or even to solve puzzles, which there are a great many.

A little platforming never hurt. A lot of locations in God of War require that the player returned to them after a certain time, all the secrets can not find work.
Surprised me how elaborate it turned out the world. When creative Director Cory Barlog has announced that Kratos moved to the Northern lands, many people were confused. It is not only the climate change impact on scope and scale. God of War is definitely more intimate and modest – often we move from one place to another through narrow passages. Thanks to the new creative direction of the game wasn’t constantly trying to impress, and was able to tell a story and show the world.

Everywhere you can find elements of Laura, the story about Norse gods and myths associated with them. Along the way we meet a variety of creatures, from dark elves to trolls. Locations also vary – not to be bored, Kratos travels to different places in Norse mythology. It is important to note that this is not a “corridor” game – there is always a feeling of great peace and sometimes we give ourselves to choose the path. At such moments, you can go to saydkvesty, which are themselves not worse than the story missions.

Another element, if migrated from Naughty Dog, for the son of Kratos – atreya, and we are not talking about the dynamics of their relationship, something resembling Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us, and even about the gameplay, which Atrey directly involved. Atrey basically helps from a distance, firing at the enemy (it is possible to give commands directly in combat), but it may pounce on the villain, allowing Kratos to deliver a crushing blow. He is a full participant in the battles, and can also get upgrades.

As expected in an RPG, not all doors in God of War opened. Often have to leave unassigned belongings and return to it later.
God of War also has a rich customization system, which will be envied by any RPG. Axe, armor, skills, amulets, and so on, can improve and improve. Even in-game currency many than can enter into a stupor. At first frankly lost in all this variety, which is good and not. I understand the delight of those who like to fine-tune the characters for themselves, but I’m not fully accustomed to the different menus and submenus. The interface is slightly confusing, and every time I spend money to upgrade, worried that did something wrong. I myself would prefer more intuitive and even simple system that did not require as much time to spend reading and comparison of the attributes.

Interface God of War, by the way, many seemed too small to read the text difficult even on the big screen. Fortunately, the developers listened and made it possible to change the text size in the latest patch. Just remember “the Witcher 3” with the same problems.

Rich customization God of War. And no, no microtransactions! It’s sad that nowadays it’s so surprising.
God of War is an outstanding game that is able to fall in love, even critics of the previous parts. This is a great example of how to do a sequel/reboot, while respecting the original and creating something truly new. It is also a celebration of a single story, games and a great example of why video games deserve to be called art. Developers are proud to say that in any case was not included in the title with no microtransactions, and for this they want to thank.

The main advantage of God of War is how she manages to surprise again and again. Nothing boring, nothing seems slow. It’s a great story and an even better game. You cannot miss it.

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