Conqueror’s Blade: of the beta version

Strategy MMO before they were a rarity. What to do: this is a conservative market, dominated by mainly Asian — and also conservative — publishers. But times are changing. So online slowly penetrate MMO with elements of strategy — in a different form, but with the General idea. The main thing — to collect a pack of players, to give everyone a handful of soldiers, and now, when viewed from above turns a full-fledged war.

Conqueror’s Blade should be this way, but with his view of things.

Officers under the gun
Before us is a strange mutant, which is very difficult to draw the line between RPG and RTS. And the setting in

unusual and the same hybrid as the gameplay. In the game world faced generals and soldiers from different countries and eras — like eyeballs

not yet clarified the details of the plot (during the PTA never told him), and then more factions. Chinese infantry, the English archers of the medieval European knights, the Polish hussars and who would have thought! — horse Cossacks.

The player tries on the mask of one of the generals — their role traditional MMORPG, except that there is no magic skills, and those skills that are, are few and subject to long pumping.

Knight in full armor it is hard to keep up with less armored enemies: they are almost on the visor he dance.

Alone General enough where it can be, except that the walls of the city. In a battle or long March he is accompanied by soldiers.

allows you to take with you in a way only three units, and only one of them able to follow you. The rest wait in reserve until the first group will not believe or you do not replace it.

When you first go into battle, you quickly realize that the General is not an independent combat unit. Alone it will crush any enemy (at least of those I’ve encountered). The whole value of a General — the ability to properly and timely dispose of his troops.

Just think, this is bots, not the players! Well, try to enter a forest of halberds riding on a horse — first down to the ground, then under it.

Despite the fact that for once available to only one group, the management is not so easy and primitive. For a start, there are different builds: for March, a protective, perimeter defense. Available orders depend on the kind of troops. Only spearmen can be built, “porcupine”, only the Musketeers are built in a line. Apart form building need to choose and conduct in the battle — throw forward, for example. Here, too, it all depends on the kind of troops — only warriors with shields can surround their commander (i.e. you) and to protect against all threats.

I saw two formats of online carnage: capture points and siege. And in both, it is assumed that teams play smoothly.

In a regular MMORPG, and in numerous online games, you can “drag” due to personal skill, the ability to feel the enemy and managed your character. In the Conqueror’s Blade, this is not working. When you are running on empty point with their pikemen, where they meet three of the enemy squad, all you can do is to hold out until the arrival of reinforcements. Of course, some of the better fighters in the defense and therefore longer stretch, but there is no such scenario when a handful of soldiers properly apply their abilities and defeats superior forces. One of the squad there is simply no room for maneuver, he is a solid combat unit and not able to close the enemy in a pincer movement, for example. Two squads, three squads, but not alone.

About the influence of weather conditions too, so far nothing is known.

When in battle converge more than one unit (or all 12 pieces of the two teams, as in the capture points), then open tactical perspective. I don’t have time to meticulously study all the types of troops and therefore can be inaccurate, but in General, the picture is clear and similar to the one that is drawn in any RTS. Pikemen protect against weak cavalry archers, heavy infantry pushing the enemy line, and the Musketeers are given rare volleys at the exact time when the enemy infantry is not bound by the battle.

In RTS it is important to use the units for those purposes for which they were created: respectively, in the Conqueror’s Blade, which, though not RTS, but a MMO with strategy elements have become a cog in the military machine that the team are not merged. What General? General can I get ahold of in a landfill, the battle commander of the enemy and not let him escape. Can own hands to cut a few soldiers. But all this is not so important as the ability to be in the right place at the right time. What is the use of cavalry, if it is at a critical moment hit the enemy from the rear?

The mountain besieged
Siege is my favorite thing in an MMO, and one of them I managed to take part. Any experienced player will immediately recognize the typical features of siege mode: a castle with wide walls, a variety of approaches, the “vestibule” and fortifications. The defenders guarding the gates and guard the walls, the attackers are siege engines to the walls, put up ladders, someone shooting from siege weapons.

Siege tower suddenly devalue all the efforts of the defenders on defense.

I could not understand what the local siege is unlike any other (well, except for managed troops), but then I figured it out. When you can’t fall magic hammer in the midst of battle, you play differently. Bolder or something. After all siege weapons are not so universal, as the set of spells. On the other hand does not provide a useful enhancement or a shield from damage.

Victory conditions are simple. Either the attacking team capture both control points or the defending team will make it to the end of the match, not losing them. Or not until the end: at the top of the screen once the band appears, symbolizing the remaining forces, and the exhaustion of the battle is over.

How and when besieged in the Conqueror’s Blade matched the ability to close all possible gaps in the defense and recover quickly after hitting the defenders and the ingenuity of attackers. Under siege, there is team spirit, a sense of standing shoulder to shoulder, and spectacular this thing exploding bombs, hissing hwacha their missile fireworks, and attacking formation to go for slaughter. That is, to glory.

looks profitable, albeit she lacks some of the elements. For example, view from a height. Often I have assessed the situation wrongly, simply because he could not in one dump of the riders to see as many as three units instead of one, I thought. To be so intended and trying to put the player in the role of a real field commander, leading troops into battle personally. It is clear that he has a little way to look at battle with heights.

In addition, I, as a fan of strategy, I would like more fine control of the squad in terms of goals and pace attack formations here enough. Again, the real field commander in the heat of battle is not so much orders, not to mention the ways to transfer them to a large number of people: the Conqueror’s Blade is based on medieval history — before the use of drums, pipes and whistles for coordination.

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